Foam Technology

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The process of the termo-formation is allowed by the use of foams of originally poliuretanic composition. The foams can be divided by thedensity, lift, cellular concentration, therefore the improvement of the sweat absorption process. The foams that Dr.Pad uses are “Memory Foams”: the Memory foams have the capacity to maintain the pressure applied between the body and the saddle fairly distributed. The density is the value of the weight of the foam per square feet. The lift is the real resistance to the pressure applied; based on the cellular concentration. The cellular concentration varies according to the dimension and to the number of bubbles, contained in the foam; and the sweat absorption process depends also on their number.

Dr.Pad studied the possibility to increase the concentration of cells as well as raising transpiration capability. This is allowed by special poliuretanic foams of Dr.Pad exclusive property.