Placing Your Next Custom Order

Getting started with your custom order is simple. Follow the steps…

1. Design Deposit, $45

This gets the ball rolling. As soon as we receive your deposit, we get started on your order. The deposit will be credited towards your order.
Click on the button bellow to pay deposit and get started.

2. Choose Templates & Design

On the “Download Templates” page, you can select the items you want in your kit. Use the templates to either sketch your design ideas, or open the templates in Adobe Illustrator to apply your digital art. Any logos or art that you want used should be in “vector” eps format. Other formats such “jpg” will require conversion. In addition, our designers can help finalize your design ideas.

3. Finalize Design & Approval

Once we get an approval of the design of your team’s uniforms, we’re ready for the next step.

4. Decide Quantities & Sizes

Using the handy order form, simply fill out the quantities for each item you need. This is also where you’ll be determining sizes for each item. Click here for order form. Click here for sizing chart. ASK US ABOUT HAVING A TEAM STORE!

5. Estimate

Once we have all the items, sizes, features, and quantities, we’ll get back to you with a final quote.

6. Signed Estimate and 50% deposit.

The 50% deposit is all you need to get production started. This is not refundable.

7. Final Invoice

As soon as we have the uniforms and accessories completed, we’ll send you a final invoice.

8. Shipping Your Order

Once your final payment is received, we’ll ship out your order.